Welcome to PM Forum East of England

East of England is a new committee established by PM Forum. This initiative is the result of proactive efforts by these dedicated professionals who have recognised the untapped potential of PM Forum in the East of England. Our vision is ambitious: to transform this committee into a regional powerhouse, encouraging collaboration, learning, and meaningful connections.

Keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming launch event in Cambridge!

Meet The Team Behind East of England

Christopher Broom


BDB Pitmans

Shaun Nichols



Daniel Kondras

Regional Director

Blue Hawk Talent Solutions

Matthew Rowe

Regional Director

TBD Marketing Ltd

Chelsea Jarvis

Bidwells LLP

Why Should You Attend an Event?



Various Venues

Events held in Europe across 15+ cities & locations. PM Forum has a strong European presence, gathering the best minds into one space where they can network & gain useful insights.



Diverse Audience

With professionals across accountancy, law, property, and more, no matter the topic, there will always be a space where you can implement these insightful topics into your own business!



Educational Events

Every year, there are networking opportunities! By attending events, you are not only being provided professional advice, but have the opporunity to expand your own network!

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