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Founded in 1996, PM Forum is the world’s largest and fastest-growing community of professional services marketers, with more than 3,000 members in over 40 countries. The Forum is dedicated to raising the standards of marketing across law, accountancy, property and other professional sectors, and to enhancing the credibility of marketers.

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Membership is corporate by country so everyone can benefit from Forum services:

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Skills Development

The Skills Development Platform transforms the way that members develop their skills, track their performance, and drive their development plans. It tracks the journey of the idea from content selection to goal completion. Easy access to £10m+ of unique specialist content curated over 30 years.

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Small class sizes, interactive discussions, idea sharing, networking and group exercises make the workshops highly productive. In person to promote networking and group learning, or Online which allows delegates to participate from any UK region and across the world.

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PM Magazine

Bi-monthly authoritative resource providing insights, best practice and essential learning for marketers at every stage of their careers. Members based in the UK and Ireland can request a free personal hard copy of each issue; in other countries, a single hard copy is sent to the lead country contact.

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Well-attended free webinars and in-person meetings in multiple cities, and an annual conference in London, provide food for thought and ideas for action throughout the year.  UK events are recognised by CIM for CPD purposes.

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 Analytics and surveys provide reliable data and confidential insights on issues that are useful to know but hard to find out.

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 Hours of research can be avoided through the Forum quickly and easily connecting you with experts to answer specific questions, while our Mentor Match programme matches mentors and mentees for longer-term support.

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Public campaigns on issues that are important to marketers are organised by the Forum and its influential sister association, the Managing Partners’ Forum.

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Even if a member is made redundant the Forum continues to support them with free membership while they are securing their next role. Email Claire Mitchell for more information.

Introducing PM Forum International

PM Forum boasts members from over 40 countries, from veteran PM Magazine readers, to employees of larger firms with a presence in multiple countries who strive for consistency and common practices across their international operations, as well as individuals employed by local businesses. Additionally, the Forum has an active group on LinkedIn with thousands of non-members from various countries participating.

International growth is allowing local members to form country or regional committees – as in the UK & Ireland – with a remit to run in-person meetings in key locations. Local members report improved results and enhanced careers due to direct access to the online training workshops and webinars, and the new Skills Development Platform and its £10m+ of specialist AV content. Some have enrolled as mentees on the Forum’s Mentor Match programme. A hard copy of PM Magazine is mailed to a country contact at each firm for local circulation.

Having access to a global resource like the PM Forum means marketers around the world can get the support they need to keep up to date with best practice.

Keith Hardie, Head of International Development


Membership dues

Membership is corporate with dues based on local headcount in the relevant country. All memberships renew on 1 January. First year dues are reduced by a fixed amount each month. LawNet members are entitled to 25% discount on UK rates. 

For more information, contact Claire Mitchell
at claire.mitchell@pmint.co.uk or on + 44 20 7786 9786


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