In this webinar taster of ‘Brand, reputation and thought leadership – developing thought leadership for cultural and commercial success’ webinar hosted by the North West Committee, we were joined by Rachael Kinsella, Editorial and Content Director at iResearch Services.

This online webinar explored how to build trust and influence with both internal and external audiences through thought leadership. It also shared exclusive insights from iResearch Services’ flagship study on thought leadership and its impressive capabilities.

During this webinar, we addressed and answered questions such as:

1. How can you make sure that thought leadership content aligns with and enhances your desired reputation?

2. What responsibilities come with thought leadership influence, and how can it be used ethically?

3. What are the outdated and ineffective approaches to reputation in corporate culture that should be eliminated?

4. How do you strike a balance between thought leadership designed for broad appeal and catering to niche audiences when building a reputation?

5. How can you involve your audience and gather feedback to shape your thought leadership approach?

6. What does an organization’s treatment of lesser-known voices say about its reputation?

7. What role can social media play in strengthening reputation?

8. How can thought leadership be used to counter misinformation?

9. What are underused methods for understanding the needs and perceptions of your target audience to inform and share thought leadership?

10. How does thought leadership contribute to both commercial and cultural success, and how can you measure its impact?

Members can view the full webinar here