Hundreds of learners, line managers, L&D experts, coaches and mentors are already active users of the standard access version of the PM Forum’s innovative Skills Development Platform launched last November. They are praising the platform’s easy access to unique specialist content; its intuitive integration of content, tasks and goals; its advocacy-based user ratings; its CPD certificates and digital trophies; its extensive Forum playlists; its rigorous engagement scores; and its invaluable contribution to performance reviews. New features add to these capabilities, for example, the ability to evaluate content from other sources.

Major enhancements: Unlocked with a single Premier member in a country in membership, the newly introduced premier access brings a number of new benefits:

• Track the hours and cost of informal learning for teams and the firm as a whole.
• Curate and share personalised playlists with other Premier members.
• Track playlist consumption.
• Compare engagement scores and related metrics for individual team members.
• View average engagement scores and related metrics for the team and the firm.
• View engagement scores and add comments when coaching frontline advisors.
• Set monthly budgets and business goals for team members.