Linford Grey has established itself as a digital accountancy firm, taking advantage of the digital revolution to win new work. Its marketing team was crowned ‘In-House Marketing Team of the Year’ at the annual Accounting Excellence Awards. Sophie Redman, its Head of Media & Marketing, talks to Neasa MacErlean.

You do not have to be Samuel Price or William Cooper to know that setting up an accountancy firm requires considerable change and adaptation in the first decade or two. Some 170 years after Price and Cooper sowed the seeds that would become PricewaterhouseCoopers, their modern-day counterparts are explaining how much accountancy practice has evolved since then.

The five-person digital accountancy firm Linford Grey, formed in 2018, is working to shed the stereotype of the suited and booted accountants who visit their clients once a year or so and who represent, as Sophie Redman says, “a little bit of a grudge purchase”.

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