2014 report into PSF management attitudes towards digital and social technologies

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MPF, PM Forum and Elephant Creative suspected, in 2013, that although marketing ‘got’ social media, the same was not true of management, so organised a major survey into attitudes towards digital and social technologies. This year’s Report aimed to find out if this major gap in sector knowledge was being filled.
While there is good news that management and marketing experts are now much closer in their views, there is still a mismatch in perceived purpose/outcomes that are measured and more broadly confusion still exists over what generates results, how much to invest and areas for priority.

What are the key findings of the 2014 Report?

  • Growth: Less than 10% growth in usage is anticipated across all channels over the coming year.
  • Reporting: There are still big issues over who gets to see which key performance indicator (KPI) data.
  • Clients: Channels are now being used in equal measure with existing clients and prospects.
  • Favourites: LinkedIn remains the preferred channel.
  • Internal: The technologies are still not being used effectively for internal collaboration.

One respondent commented: “Firm leadership and marketing teams need to take a more integrated approach to digital and social media as part of their overall marketing. Stop seeing social media as a strategy in itself. It is not a strategy, it is a channel.”