Individual career growth is both – a journey and an aspiration for every professional. In this realm of perpetual advancement, PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform emerges not just as a catalyst but as the very ignition for your professional odyssey. It’s a transformative space where learning meets innovation, collaboration becomes second nature, and your career trajectory takes on a dynamic new direction.

Navigating the path to excellence with the Platform: 

Seamless access to expertise:

The Skills Development Platform opens doors to a treasure trove of knowledge. With the latest issue of PM Magazine at your fingertips, members gain insights into the industry’s forefront. Whether you are in London or Dublin, the platform ensures access to future issues, keeping you abreast of cutting-edge developments.

Tailored learning through custom feeds:

The platform’s personae-based custom feeds provide a personalised learning experience. Craft your queries and static lists to tap into a reservoir of over £10 million worth of unique specialist content curated over three decades. It’s not just about consuming content; it’s about sculpting a learning journey that aligns with your professional aspirations.

Embracing serendipity with SkillsetFreeflow℠:

For those who thrive on discovery and chance encounters, SkillsetFreeflow℠ offers an uncharted path. Move beyond traditional tracks, queries, and filters, and immerse yourself in a fluid learning experience that sparks creativity and innovation.

Fostering collaboration for career advancement with the Platform: 

Content sharing and evaluation:

The platform’s collaborative ethos extends to content sharing. Evaluate content items and share them with colleagues, fostering a culture of mutual growth and knowledge exchange. Providing reasons for sharing not only enhances collaboration but also adds depth to the learning experience.

Event updates and playlists:

Stay at the forefront of Forum events and training workshops by updating your mailing lists. Engage with colleagues by creating and sharing playlists—a dynamic way to extend your influence and contribute to the collective learning environment.

Earn as you learn:

The platform redefines Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by integrating it seamlessly into your daily routine. Earn CPD time and learning points as you evaluate content items and accomplish tasks aligned with your business goals. It’s not just learning; it’s a journey that directly contributes to your professional development.

Transforming careers, one interaction at a time

Operational efficiency for team leaders:

For team leaders, the platform is a game-changer. It streamlines operational efficiency with easy-to-maintain member lists, individual engagement tracking, and a comprehensive set of On and Off Platform indicators. The outcomes are remarkable—significant time reductions in managing business service teams and full utilisation of Forum dues.

Senior leaders’ perspective:

Senior leaders find in the platform a strategic tool to tackle inconsistent skills development among team members. The platform introduces a reward system, internal ranking, and evaluation of line manager performance based on pertinent data. The outcomes are verifiable consumption of curriculum at all levels, more systemic learning processes, and improved overall skill levels.

Embark on your career evolution with PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform

PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform stands as a beacon for individual career growth. It transcends the conventional, providing professionals with a holistic environment where learning is not a task but a journey—a journey of discovery, collaboration, and continuous development.

Whether you are a team leader seeking operational excellence or a senior leader aiming for strategic prowess, the platform offers tailored solutions. It’s a dynamic space where career growth is not just encouraged but cultivated, where collaboration is not just a feature but a culture.

Join PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform and witness the transformation—a perfect catalyst for individual career growth. It’s not just a platform; it’s your journey to professional excellence.