Benchmarking one firm’s reputation against another is challenging. But no longer, with the Positive Law Firm Reputation Index, or RepDex, shining a light on the world’s largest law firms say Michael Evans and Tom Boulton.

Here are some facts about the media profiles of some top 20 global firms that you may not have known until now:

  • Kirkland & Ellis got more top-tiermedia coverage in 2023 than any other firm almost entirely because of the scale and high-profile nature of the work it does in the US, not because of any particular intentionality or PR effort to showcase itself.
  • Baker McKenzie uses its global platform quite well for PR purposes, commenting on a lot of different things in a lot of places. It is, however, relatively unfocused, without much current success in aligning its profile around any global themes and issues it sees driving its business.
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