As professionals strive to elevate their skills and organisations seek to outperform competitors, fostering a culture of healthy competition becomes a strategic imperative. PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform emerges as a powerful ally in this pursuit, revolutionising the traditional approach to growth by seamlessly integrating competition into the learning and development journey.

The importance of healthy competition in professional growth

Competition, when approached healthily, acts as a driving force for individual and collective growth. It stimulates innovation, encourages continuous improvement, and fuels a sense of achievement. In the realm of professional services, where staying ahead of the curve is paramount, fostering healthy competition can be a game-changer.

Unleashing individual potential through gamification

One of the standout features of PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform is its innovative use of gamification.

Here’s how it works: 

Professionals earn learning points, engage in buddy group contests, and embark on monthly routes to win digital trophies

Route 1 challenges individuals to accumulate 1,000 learning points—a testament to approximately 12 hours of dedicated study. 

Route 2, on the other hand, encourages active engagement with the platform, from logging in for sessions to evaluating content items and completing tasks. This gamified approach not only adds an element of fun but also ignites a spirit of healthy competition among professionals striving for excellence.

Comprehensive recognition and rewards

In the pursuit of growth, recognition becomes a powerful motivator. PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform ensures that achievements don’t go unnoticed. Professionals can earn proficiency and CPD time certificates, accrue learning points for coveted digital trophies, and participate in contests with peers, with the added incentive of valuable prizes. This robust recognition and rewards system not only fosters healthy competition but also enhances the personal profile of individuals within the professional community.

Team dynamics and healthy rivalries

Beyond individual growth, the platform facilitates healthy competition within teams. Team leaders can verify the consumption of directed content, assign playlists, and form support groups. This not only ensures consistent learning across the team but also introduces an element of healthy rivalry—where professionals inspire each other to excel, pushing the boundaries of collective achievement.

Driving organisational success through competition

Competition is not merely confined to individual and team levels; it extends to the organisational realm. The Skills Development Platform provides a costed overview of learning activity, allowing organisations to gauge the return on investment in skill development. It enables firms to add their own firm-only content, facilitating benchmarking and competition with market leaders. The result is improved multi-firm and intra-firm comparisons, setting the stage for organisations to compete effectively in the professional services landscape.

A Competitive Edge in Professional Development

In conclusion, PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform stands as a beacon, guiding professionals and organisations towards a growth-centric future. By seamlessly integrating healthy competition into the learning and development journey, the platform not only transforms individual careers but also propels organisations to new heights of success. As professionals engage in friendly rivalries, earn recognition, and contribute to the collective growth story, the platform emerges as a catalyst for excellence in the dynamic and competitive world of professional services.

Join PM Forum’s Skills Development Platform and witness the transformation—a perfect catalyst for individual career growth. It’s not just a platform; it’s your journey to professional excellence.