Social media best practice

Introduction to Modern Social Media Strategies
  • (Open discussion) Trends and Challenges: Discussing the evolving landscape of social media
  • Beyond vanity metrics and understanding social media data: Understanding meaningful engagement and impact
  • Setting realistic objectives: Aligning social media goals with business objectives
Branding on Social Media: Corporate and Personal
  • The power of branding: Understanding the impact of branding on social media
  • Corporate brand identity: Strategies for crafting and maintaining a consistent brand voice and image
  • Personal branding: Importance for professionals, aligning personal and corporate brands
  • Synergy between personal and corporate branding: How they complement each other and enhance overall impact
Effective Planning and Tools
  • Efficiency Tools: Introducing tools for scheduling, automation and management
  • Social media monitoring: Techniques for tracking brand mentions and relevant conversations
  • Analytics and measurement: Understanding key metrics to evaluate success
Content Creation and Curation
  • Crafting engaging content: Tips for creating compelling, shareable content
  • Curating Content: Best practices for sourcing and sharing content
  • Visual storytelling: Using images, videos and written content effectively
Q&A and Interactive Discussion
  • Open Forum: Addressing participant questions and sharing experiences
  • Group Discussion: Applying these practices in various business contexts

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  • Chloe Christine
    Chloe Christine
    TBD Marketing

    Chloe is brilliant at delving into the heart of website data, social media data, SEO and pay-per-click data – taking them apart and crunching them to provide clients with richly detailed information on how their various digital presences are performing, and how to improve these. She is also the founder of her own digital marketing agency.

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