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Email marketing and marketing automation

Foundations of Effective Email Marketing

  • Success factors for email marketing: Building on goal setting and exploring key performance indicators. Which KPIs really matter? Why is email marketing more than just a sales platform, and why is it important in the digital landscape?
  • Email service provider selection: Criteria for choosing the right provider

Design and User Experience in Email Marketing

  • Advanced segmentation and targeting: Beyond basics, using data-driven approaches
  • Designing responsive email templates: Updated best practices for modern devices and platforms and personalisation at scale. Using automation to personalise at a granular level
  • Maximising response and open Rates: Structuring emails for engagement and conversions and tailoring content/tone to different audiences

Implementing Iterative Processes

  • Campaign planning and execution: Strategic planning and long-term campaign management. Enhancing open and click through rates
  • Advanced A/B and multivariate testing: Delving deeper into testing strategies and analysis
  • Email analytics and interpretation: Turning data into actionable insights

Marketing Automation Deep Dive

  • Email and CRM Integration: Best practices for seamless integration
  • Advanced automation and trigger-based emails: Exploring sophisticated automation techniques


  • Open Discussion: Addressing specific questions and scenarios.

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Mar 21 2024


09:30 - 13:00






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  • Chloe Christine
    Chloe Christine
    TBD Marketing

    Chloe is brilliant at delving into the heart of website data, social media data, SEO and pay-per-click data – taking them apart and crunching them to provide clients with richly detailed information on how their various digital presences are performing, and how to improve these. She is also the founder of her own digital marketing agency.

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