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The South East region covers a wide area and so our events will be held in various venues across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hamphsire. With some of the top business schools in the country, the practical and innovative teachings here reflect PM Forum’s events where  professional speakers embody and share credible business values.

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Events held in Europe across 15+ cities & locations. PM Forum has a strong European presence, gathering the best minds into one space where they can network & gain useful insights.


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With professionals across accountancy, law, property, and more, no matter the topic, there will always be a space where you can implement these insightful topics into your own business!


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Every year, there are networking opportunities! By attending events, you are not only being provided professional advice, but have the opporunity to expand your own network!

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Why culture is business critical


Tuesday 21 March 2023, Leeds

Topics to be covered include:

  • What do we mean when we talk about the culture of a business?
  • An essential checklist to help you understand and embed your firm’s culture.
  • Ways to evaluate your firm’s culture and the extent that your marketing is adding value
  • Case studies to learn from the successes of others

We will also discuss the critical and enabling role of marketing in bringing a culture to life and the implications both internally and externally.

Strategy and leadership: Ensuring your firm's culture and systems support marketing

Tuesday 07 February 2023, Leeds

Check out this webinar taster on Strategy and Leadership, and learn how to create a culture and system that support marketing in your organisation. In this engaging webinar, we discussed how to create a culture and systems that support marketing efforts, and how to ensure that your firm’s strategy and leadership are aligned with your marketing goals

We’ve covered topics such as:

• Five essential components of culture

• The link between culture and employee engagement

• How an engaged workforce creates a secret energy that magnetises clients to the firm and so helps make marketing more efficient and effective

Members can watch the full webinar here


Networking in our ‘brave new world’ – and chance to practise!

Tuesday 29 November 2022, Leeds

Let’s explore together networking in the brave new world and take a look at –

  • Networking in a hybrid environment
  • Getting back into the habit
  • Confidence
  • Re-connecting
  • Empathy/sensitivity
  • Personal brand


ESG – What’s it all about?

Thursday 16 June 2022, Leeds

At this in person session we will explore what ESG means to marketing and BD professionals:

  • What do you need to think about in both your internal and external communications 
  • What conversations should you be having, and encouraging, internally
  • What conversations should you be having with your clients and network
  • Where do professional service firms sit in terms of their responsibility when it comes to supporting and driving the ESG agenda
  • What will your clients expect of your firm as part of their buying process

Summary of 2020 Events

Despite Pandemic barriers, PM Forum has adapted to new digital enviroments  even influenced with 3 events focusing on social media & client feedback  .

Summary of 2019 Events

With a focus on internal firm strategies, PM Forum had curated 4 events across brand management, content marketing, career development and more!

Summary of 2018 Events

10+ events focused on everything from position messaging, internal work environment strategies, to even marketing strategies you can implement in your firm today!