Learning transfer

Training workshops and the new Skills Development Platform allow team leaders, learning & development managers, peers, coaches, mentors and trainers to collaborate with individuals/teams to fill learning gaps and reinforce progress.

“Marketing and business development are changing at an unprecedented rate, and firms are demanding so much more from their marketers. There’s never been a greater need for quality, experiential training where delegates can share with their peers and learn effectively both inside and outside the classroom.”

Kim Tasso

Head of Training & Learning Transfer


Replacement cost of specialist AV content on the Skills Development Platform


Training workshops delivered annually

Training workshops available worldwide

Workshops for those at every stage of their careers, organised since 1998, that focus on technical, soft and digital skills. Member-only; small class sizes; interactive discussions; idea sharing; networking; and group exercises make the learning highly productive. Online delivery allows easy participation from UK regions and worldwide. Certificates of attendance are recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing for CPD purposes. An additional fee is payable for each delegate.

Stand-alone or Before/after training workshops

The new Skills Development Platform is an inclusive member benefit with premium services for employers. It uses gamification to support all stages of learning transfer, including topic frameworks; content selection, evaluation and sharing; action plans; directed content from team leaders; tracking baseline KPIs; and an Academy with certificates for high performers. Workshop take-away materials on the Platform include presentation content; specialist worksheets; and further guidance.

Platform Benefits

For learners

Better understanding of manager needs and personal skills gaps; ready access to specialist content and authors; improved career/promotion prospects; staying up to date; collective support to fill gaps and reinforce progress; and improved task management.

For team leaders

Enhanced content distribution; verifiable knowledge acquisition across a team; early warning system; more focused development plans; and improved cost control.

For L&D teams

More systemic learning processes; improved overall skills levels; enhanced content selection; more tailored learning; and greater focus on soft skills.

What do learners think?

“The PM Forum provides a high-quality service. The training workshops have been particularly valuable … Great networking too”

Katie Hart

Allen & Overy