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The Midlands regional events take place in Birmingham and Nottingham with some events in Leicester, at various venues. Our events in the Midlands definitely live up to the standards of these cities, where some have ranked the best cities to live, work, and start new businesses.

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Various Venues

Events held in Europe across 15+ cities & locations. PM Forum has a strong European presence, gathering the best minds into one space where they can network & gain useful insights.



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With professionals across accountancy, law, property, and more, no matter the topic, there will always be a space where you can implement these insightful topics into your own business!



Educational Events

Every year, there are networking opportunities! By attending events, you are not only being provided professional advice, but have the opporunity to expand your own network!

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The battle for top talent: how to attract, engage and retain great people

Tuesday 18 October 2022, Birmingham

In this 3 min taster Simon talked to Matthew Gardner and Laurence Sidwell who used their 30+ years of combined recruitment expertise to share:

• Tips and suggestions for recruiting in such a competitive market to attract the very best people to your team

• Stories of best practice around on-boarding new people into your team, and the pitfalls to avoid

• Ideas for how you best integrate new people into your team with so many of us still splitting our time working between the office and home

• How to make yourself stand-out in the market to land your dream job, if you’re looking for a new role

PM Forum members can view the full video here

Let's get sociable!

Wednesday 29 June 2022, Birmingham

Developments mean that in recent months we’ve combined the West and East Midlands Committees to form one, united Midlands Committee.

So, in celebration, we’re looking to get sociable and meet you all face to face! We’re holding a social event on Wednesday 29th June, 6-8pm at the newly opened Manahatta Bar in Temple Street, Birmingham. DWF is kindly sponsoring the event so there will be a welcome drink for all on arrival.

Summary of 2021 Events

Despite Pandemic barriers, PM Forum has adapted to new digital enviroments  even influenced with 3 events focusing on social media & client feedback  .

Summary of 2020 Events

With a focus on internal firm strategies, PM Forum had curated 4 events across brand management, content marketing, career development and more!

Summary of 2019 Events

10+ events focused on everything from position messaging, internal work environment strategies, to even marketing strategies you can implement in your firm today!