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13 cities to be marked on a map of UK & Ireland (Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Crawley, Dublin, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Nottingham)

Regional committees organise in-person meetings across the UK and Ireland – see map, and in Toronto (Canada) and Dubai (UAE).

What Can You Expect?

Various Venues

Attend events in Europe across 15+ cities & locations

Diverse Audience

Professional services including accountancy, law, property and management consultants.

Educational Events

Annual networking opportunities curated for each topic(s).

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“The committee members, chairs and directors are truly inspiring – the fact that they find time to create, craft and deliver such a remarkable and relevant programme of content and speakers, all in their own time and on top of their day jobs, is very impressive. They are an enthusiastic and experienced group whom I am honoured to work with.”

Vanessa Bramley

Committee Liaison Officer

Committee remit

Each region has a local committee of volunteers, typically consisting of a chair, a director and four to six other members. Their remit is to deliver local meetings and surveys; to shape messages to core audiences; to share relevant insights, reports and applications; and to help grow Forum membership. New committee members are always welcome.

Committee roles


The Chair always works for a sector firm. They act as the public face of the region on the Forum website and event invitations, and moderate regional and committee meetings.


The Director is typically a specialist consultant working on a pro-bono basis. They support the chair and liaise with HQ to ensure a consistent service to members.


Committee members mostly work for sector firms. They influence the local programme through suggesting topics and presenters; and contribute according to personal/firm capabilities.

Share Your Thought Leadership at One of Our Many Locations

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With various venues & events at Guildford city centre, the city has many communities and buildings dedicated to the science of business. It is here where innovators & industry leaders meet, and PM Forum is no exception.

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The regional events take place in Dublin at various venues. With the most popular location for financial services firms, where it is a hub between technology and finance, events here embody the innovation that this city aspires to have every day.

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The London regional events take place in the City & Central London at various venues. At arguably one of the most diverse cities in the world, the events here in London definitely embodies the diverse culture upon which this city was built.

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The Midlands regional events take place in Birmingham and Nottingham with some events in Leicester, at various venues. Our events in the Midlands definitely live up to the standards of these cities, where some have ranked the cities the best to live, work, and start new businesses.

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The North West regional events take place across various venues in the Manchester city centre. With the largest amount of professional & financial services outside of London, events here definitely align with PM Forum’s standards in industry value across professional services.

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The Scotland regional events take place in Edinburgh and Glasgow city centres at various venues. Arguably known as having some of the best business environments but even the best business hub outside of London. Here our events  have a chance to embody the ever growing innovating culture.

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The South East region covers a wide area where events will be held in various venues across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire. With a strong emphasis on business academia, teachings here reflect PM Forum’s events where  professional speakers embody and share credible insights.

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The South West regional events take place either in Bristol and Exeter city centres at various venues. With strong industry hubs such as media, technology, and especially tourism, PM Forum’s events here definitely attract a diverse crowd across many professional services.

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The Yorkshire regional events take place in Leeds city centre at various venues. As the second largest regional economy in the UK, with an emphasis on startups, financial services, and other professional services, here you’ll find very thought-provoking events from PM Forum.

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East of England

We are delighted to unveil the formation of our new PM Forum East of England committee!

This initiative is the result of proactive efforts by these dedicated professionals who have recognised the untapped potential of PM Forum in the East of England. Our vision is ambitious: to transform this committee into a regional powerhouse, encouraging collaboration, learning, and meaningful connections.

In this inaugural year, we are actively seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our team and be part of this transformative journey.

What do volunteers think?

“Our committee works as a team to deliver a programme of inspiring content which makes it easy to fir into our busy schedules. The PM Forum is the perfect platform to help fellow professionals with mentoring and tips on career progression, informative lunch & learn sessions, or catching up socially. I’ve also made some great contacts.”

Kirsty Siviter

Chair Midlands Region

“Having access to a global resource like the PM Forum means marketers around the world can get the support they need to keep up to date with best practice.”


Keith Hardie

Head of International Development