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B2B Customer Experience

B2B Customer Experience

Pau Hague


Selected book reviews

The Choice Factory

Richar Shotton

Where the Magic Happens

Caspar Craven


Heid Grant

Clarity for Lawyers

Mark Adler

Winning Proposals

John de Forte

Smart Collaboration

Heidi Gardner

The Analytical Marketer

Adele Sweetwood

Managing Online Reputation

Charlie Pownall

The Small Big

Steve Martin

The Presentation Book

Emma Ledden

Pricing for Profit

Peter Hill

The Complete Marketer

Mike Meldrum

Valuable Content Marketing

Sonja Jefferson

Poke the Box

Seth Godin

Marketing Accountability

Peter Mouncey

Marketing 3.0

Philip Kotler

Flip the Funnel

Joseph Jaffe

The Referral Engine

John Jantsch

The End of Lawyers?

Richard Susskind