2019: Are you ready for a year of change?


Our exclusive Benchmark tracks changes in marketing priorities and activities. It is the best way to understand where your peers will focus their time and attention over the year ahead. In particular we explore:

  • Priorities for 2019, including the strategic changes facing professional firms and how marketers can respond;
  • How new technologies are changing both the professional firm business model and the role of professional marketers;
  • Ways in which professional marketers can enhance their skills set to better prepare for the changes on the horizon development. 

The session will include a short presentation of results followed by a debate with a panel of heads of marketing and BD, including Sue Murdoch of Pinsent Masons and Victoria Goff of Sagars – others to be confirmed.


Beyond Brexit: Implications for professional services marketing


Brexit is a key topic of discussion for nearly everyone at the moment, and rightly so. Many may be growing weary of the political wrangling, but the reality is that our profession has yet to fully get to grips with what it will mean for our respective firms, how they may need to change how they ‘go to market,’ and how such marketing and BD efforts may be organised and resourced in the future.

These unanswered questions are the focus of our February event, bringing together a top-notch panel of industry leaders from Clifford Chance, FTI Consulting and SEGRO to discuss the implications. We’ll strive to make it a politics-free zone, so that the debate can remain focused on getting some real insight into how to best prepare for the likely winding road ahead.


Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

South West

Nearly every time you set out to do something well, you’ll immediately butt up against vague objectives, restrictive resourcing or seemingly intractable disagreements. 

That’s why the Draw Group built the Strategic Framework. The framework is incredibly versatile and they have used it for organisational change, project prioritisation, and holiday planning. Kent Valentine will talk you through how it works in real-world contexts, picking some examples from the room. You’ll go away with an understanding of how the framework could transform your own strategic thinking.


From war zone to iPhone with a toothbrush - Creating great video content with your smartphone

East Midlands

It’s well known that video helps with reach, engagement and interaction on social media and websites. However, finding the necessary budget can sometime prove tricky. 

At this event Andrew will share some of his 25-year career experiences, as well as providing some tips and tricks for shooting smartphone video that we can use to help tell the stories of our own organisations through social media.


News that's fit to print – meet the journalist


In this session, Ken Symon, Editor of Scotland's national business magazine Scottish Business Insider and a former business editor at The Scotsman and the Sunday Herald, will give his insights on the modern world of journalism, and what works and what doesn't for an editor and their readers. How do they decide what makes the cut and what gets spiked?

Alongside Ken will be James Friel, PR & Communications Manager at Harper Macleod LLP. He is a former journalist, with a legal background, who manages the firm's PR needs in-house. James will lead the conversation with Ken and talk about how PRs manage balancing their 'clients' expectations against what journalists actually want to write about.


Effective brand management: the long and short of it


This workshop explores:

  • The do’s and don’ts of the brand strategy review process
  • Getting everyone inside the firm ready to bring the brand to life outside the firm
  • Making the most of the initial impact to create the right perception about the firm
  • Managing and measuring the long-term consistency and awareness of your brand in your chosen markets

Getting better commercial outcomes from Thought Leadership

West Midlands

In this session, Angela from Meteoric Marketing suggests we need to ‘turn our thinking on its head’ to get better commercial outcomes from thought leadership and content (or indeed all marketing activity!)

She’ll share:

  • How unintended outcomes from the status quo impact our relationships
  • The impact good and bad thought leadership has on client perceptions and actions
  • Practical advice and tools to create better content
  • How you can create materials to help your people engage with target buyers and sell more
  • Three practical steps you can take on existing activity to get a better commercial outcome

Marketing the future: Unleashing thought leadership for the disruptive age


Our presenter, Claire Mason of Man Bites Dog, will redefine thought leadership for the disruptive age, present the business case for strategic ideas and share how you can harness thought leadership to build reputation, deepen relationships and generate revenue. She will also share a case study on The Global Talent Crunch - recent winner of 'World’s Best Campaign' in the ICCO Global awards.