Getting better commercial outcomes from thought leadership


In this session, Angela from Meteoric Marketing suggests we need to ‘turn our thinking on its head’ to get better commercial outcomes from thought leadership and content (or indeed all marketing activity!)

She’ll share:

  • How unintended outcomes from the status quo impact our relationships
  • The impact good and bad thought leadership has on client perceptions and actions
  • Practical advice and tools to create better content
  • How you can create materials to help your people engage with target buyers and sell more
  • Three practical steps you can take on existing activity to get a better commercial outcome

Clients and agencies: Getting the most out of the relationship

South West

In this talk, Mario Vafeas and Tim Hughes, from Bristol Business School, share the findings from their research into client-agency relationships, identifying the expectations of both partners and recommending ways in which clients and agencies can maximise value from the relationship. 

This session will also include a panel discussion with Hannah Lee of Mytton Williams, Paul Seymour of Bishop Fleming LLP & Dan Hodges of Conscious Solutions. 


Mastering the art of business storytelling


In this practical session, Warrick Harniess of Scandinavia Stories will help us to identify the components of good stories, how to structure them and develop the confidence to be a good business storyteller. The session falls into three parts:

  1. ‘Pearls of wisdom’: Why stories work,
  2. ‘Tried and tested templates’: Structuring and telling stories,
  3. ‘Gathering the ingredients’: Finding inspiration and sourcing ideas.

Finding your agency sweet spot

East Midlands

In this session, Helen Andrews from RizkMcCay suggests we need to understand that the devil is in the detail.

She’ll share the following:

  • The brief makes or breaks a good piece of work
  • It’s as much about what you like as what you don’t like
  • Practical advice and tools to create a trusted relationship with your agency
  • How much creative freedom to give
  • How to make your budget go further and working out a schedule
  • What do agencies need to get from your work.

What professional services marketers can learn from pasties

South West

To kick things off, in our May session Mike Smith will take us through how Ginsters has positioned itself for the future. Looking at everything from new product development, branding and packaging and a new comms approach, Mike will share how he and his team have refreshed a nationally known and loved brand for today’s market.