Client experience – the new competitive battleground

East Midlands

This session will explore the business case for client experience, the mechanics and psychology behind it and the key tools we can use, including client journey mapping, closed loop service recovery and staff engagement. You will leave with a simple framework for improving the client experience of your business.


If you’re not Networking, you’re not working!- Denis Waitley


This informal session with Liz Heathfield, Pinsent Masons will cover:

  • What do we mean by ‘networking’ and why is it important?
  • Face-to-face and social networking – the best of both worlds
  • Internal and external networking
  • Building your personal brand
  • Turning social/informal conversations into business opportunities
  • Working a room
  • Following up
  • Managing your network

Marketing careers in SW professional services firms in 2018

South West

In this fast-paced session, we are going to discuss some macro views of what’s happening in marketing careers in 2018, as well as talking about what’s happening in professional services and in the South West in particular.

You’ll leave the session with a deeper understanding of the state of careers in our sector, with some practical tips about how to improve things and having been able to talk to peers about the challenges you’re facing.


Getting better commercial outcomes from thought leadership

North West

In this session, Angela Brown of Meteoric Marketing & Coomunications, suggests we need to ‘turn our thinking on its head’ to get better commercial outcomes from thought leadership and content (or indeed all marketing activity!)

She’ll share:

  • How unintended outcomes from the status quo impact our relationships
  • The impact good and bad thought leadership has on client perceptions and actions
  • Practical advice and tools to create better content
  • How you can create materials to help your people engage with target buyers and sell more
  • Three practical steps you can take on existing activity to get a better commercial outcome.

Social selling, beyond sales


Our November event will delve into the world of social selling and 'Making digital human'.  Our presenter, Alex Low will talk us through how to do this by concentrating on the three main pillars of social:

  • Your personal brand and what people see when they meet you for the first time on social.
  • Your network and how to activate it.
  • Your content and how to bring this to life in a contextual way.

PM Forum in the Community


We will hear first-hand some of the challenges this dedicated but stretched team face. Three areas for development have been highlighted by Dementia UK and attendees will be split into teams to work with representatives of the charity to discuss and brainstorm each one:

  • A new fundraising product:  An activity that could work across the charity more widely and could be used with different channels (community, events, regular giving, corporate, communications) and with a scalable ask. Digital would be a vital component of this product.
  • Communications:  Who is Dementia UK and what do they do? How do they differ from other dementia charities? The charity wants to make sure its communications are answering these questions while making it clear that it is possible to live well with dementia.
  • Brand awareness and engagement: An awareness project brings people to a charity, clarifies its aims and gets them involved in supporting it – not specifically financially. Examples include Movember, Jeans for Genes day, Stoptober. What could Dementia UK do?